Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is it football season yet?

We know it's time for football, because we keep saying the first place Rangers who is now 48-34. I keep saying to wait until the all-star break. To be honest the Rangers look better than they have in years. So I reserve my commits for another blog.
Which is the bigger watch the Labron watch or the Farve watch. Who is going to keep us in suspense longer, my vote is Farve. Why can't the Mavericks get into this free agent fight. Yes, I know they locked Dirk in for 4 more years, but they need another fighter. Dirk is a great player, but the Mavericks need that player with the killer instinct to go along with Dirk, and this free agency period is the perfect time. And please don't bring in Shaq and say we hit the jackpot. Put a killer player around Dirk, don't go to sleep this time. We would love to see a Wade and Dirk combination, especially since reports have Chris Bosh going to Cleveland and James might be staying there.
Is it football season yet? please come soon.

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