Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ok Jesse Please stay in your lane

These are the comments of Jesse Jackson: Jackson says Gilbert's comments
"personify a slave master mentality" and the owner should face a
"challenge" from the league.
Jesse stay in your lane. Yes, Gilbert was upset because his star player left, I understand that, but this has nothing to do with race. And you had to take it there.
At what point did Gilbert appear to be racist? Not ever did he criticize LeBron James for being black or anything related. If the owner was black, you would
have never opened your mouth. Better yet, if the owner was black and
the player was Larry Bird for instance, you would have no problem with
the comments. In fact, you may have supported the owner and criticized
Bird for leaving the city. The entire city of Cleveland is mad at
LeBron because of all the people who depend on him solely to make a
living for themselves. Does a racism still exist? Unfortunately yes.
However, you need to get your facts straight and stop making
accusations when there obviously are no facts to support your case.
It's the talk on Dallas Radio and only Blacks are making it a racial matter. Stop the madness this was a business decision and nothing else. It's not black or white, it's Green or Ring and LaBron chose the ring.

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